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5 Tips for a Luscious Pedicure

5 Tips for a Luscious Pedicure

5 Tips for a Luscious Pedicure

Want luscious, perfectly manicured nails without the expense and health risks or a salon treatment? Here are some easy and natural ways to achieve the perfect nails.

  1. Protect your hands and nails by keeping them dry and moisturised. Always use gloves when washing the dishes and try to avoid direct contact with any strong cleaning products.
  2. Before pushing your cuticles back, soak your hands in warm water. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Only work on your cuticles once they have been softened in order to avoid infection.
  3. Combine oil and sugar in a bowl to make a revitalising scrub for your hands. Gently smooth the scrub over your hands for 30 seconds and then rinse with warm water.
  4. Massage coconut oil, vitamin E oil or organic shea butter into your cuticles and hands daily.
  5. Use a buffer, rather than nail polish, to promote shiny, healthy nails.
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Science Notes

The biggest improvement you can make to the condition of your nails is to guarantee you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet. Ensuring you get the right amount and combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients will be a far greater influence on the health of your nails than a bi-weekly manicure.

Foods that can positively impact the condition of your nails include whole grains, vegetables, eggs, seafood, poultry, garlic, cheese and milk. Specific vitamins and minerals that improve nail health include vitamin C, silica, vitamin D, vitamin B7, calcium, iron, magnesium and folic acid. 

Related Tip

For strong nails, massage a mixture of carrot seed oil, rosemary cineol essential oil, lemon essential oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil. > > When you are making a salad or anything that ends up with Olive Oil on your hands, don't be too quick to rinse it off. Without stopping what you are doing, simply rub as much of it into your hands and arms as you can. Not only do you get the advantage of all those lovely antioxidants and anti bacterial qualities, but you aren't flushing oil down your sink!>