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Sustainable Traders 15 June 2022

Sustainable Traders 15 June 2022

Kosloff Architecture | Totem Road | Qsilica | Currie Communications | Bared Trading | Zea | Melba Fresh | Green Moves Australia | Grainstone | Reef Ecologic

Kosloff Architecture

Kosloff Architecture believes that in order to build a highly engaged practice culture, they need to be willing to challenge existing ideas regarding ownership, succession planning, career trajectories and modes of working. The team as Kosloff sees this as fundamental to the production of good architecture, forming the basis for innovation, risk taking and the continual pursuit of excellence. Ideas around legacy and impact are equally relevant to the environment they create for everyone within the practice, as well as everyone they collaborate with. Kosloff Architecture became a Certified B Corporation in May 2019, formalising their commitment to build a better, more sustainable business model that holds them accountable for their social and environmental performance.

Totem Road

Totem Road is an Australian furniture brand that brings you home to nature. Totem Road is committed to constantly evolving in order to tread lightly and reduce their company footprint through the conscious selection of quality natural products and doing their best to give and take in equal measure. Totem Road is proud to be a Certified B Corporation. Since inception, they have been focused equally on people, profit and sustainability and as such, they didn’t need to change or rework anything to become certified. 


Qsilica is an Australian skincare brand that makes vegan ingestible beauty products that strengthens skin, hair & nails from within. Qsilica products are formulated with the active ingredient, Colloidal Silica (that’s found in Quartz), taken as a dietary supplement and available in a range of products including an oral gel, capsules and tablets. All of their products are free from pegs, gluten, dairy, yeast or soy. They are a vegan and cruelty free brand. The ingredients used in Qsilica products are not tested on animals.

Currie Communications

Currie Communications turns visions of a better future into strategies that make sense. They tell stories that inspire sustainable action, and broker collaborations between stakeholders that solve problems. Their services include Strategic Planning, Issues Management, Media Relations, Digital and Video Production, Public Affairs and Advocacy, Stakeholder Consultation, Community Engagement, and more. Currie Communications are proud to be a certified B Corporation and a participant in the United Nations Global Compact.

Bared Trading

Bared Trading is Australia’s First B Corp Certified Footwear label. They believe that your footwear should support and complement your lifestyle, not hinder it. This is why Bared Trading does not sacrifice style for function. All of their shoes have been designed by a podiatrist to help you live, every-step! Hand-crafted and mindfully constructed, Bared Trading is committed to minimising their environmental footprint - from sourcing materials made from nature to recycling shoes that aren’t. Join them in their journey to keep our world clean, carefree and living.


Zea is an Australian family business that has developed a natural range of locally-made products for health and wellness. They are committed to unearthing the diverse healing benefits of Kunzea, a unique Tasmanian native, while also protecting the ecosystem in which it grows and thrives. They do this by committing 1% of sales to environmental causes and creating highly effective, therapeutic quality, Australian made products with a purpose. All Zea products are made with natural, sustainably sourced ingredients.

Melba Fresh

Melba Fresh are fresh produce wholesalers established for three generations at the Melbourne Markets in Victoria, Australia. Melba Fresh offers a total fresh produce solution through three divisions: Melba Fresh Providore which provides fresh produce to the hospitality industry, restaurants, food service, hospitals and special events and deliver throughout Melbourne CBD and beyond; Melba Fresh which represents some of Australia's premier growers and provides to greengrocers, independent supermarkets, providores and exporters a vast range of fresh produce and value added lines; and Melba Fresh Organics represents many of Australia's major certified organic fresh produce growers and on sells to retailers, exporters and any business requiring certified organic fresh produce.

Green Moves Australia

Green Moves provides householders and businesses with a selection of sustainability services that are designed to minimise energy costs and reduce environmental impact. Their key services include energy auditing, carbon inventories, sustainability guidance and education. Founded in 2009, Green Moves provides totally independent advice and guidance on energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainability. Green Moves is proud to be  a small family business based in Melbourne, with broad outreach through their network of locally based assessors across Australia.


Grainstone is converting premium brewers' spent grain into valuable, healthy, sustainable ingredients. Their first product, Premium Brewers Flour is a world-leading environmentally sustainable and nutritionally concentrated specialty flour. Grainstone uniquely rejuvenates premium barley used in crafting Australia’s best beers to create a wholesome goodness-packed versatile flour you’ll love. Grainstone is proudly a Certified B-Corporation. They are named in the Forward Fooding top global Foodtech 500 list of 2022 (top 200) and 2021.

Reef Ecologic

Founded in 2014, Reef Ecologic prides itself in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for coral reef management throughout the world. We work with businesses, government, and communities to co-design solutions and help people, agencies and organisations achieve goals and exceed expectations. Independently assessed as one of the world’s leading marine environment consultancies for their ‘environmental’ performance, Reef Ecologic are industry leaders adhering to environmentally-sound policies, practices and leadership in environmental management. As environmental scientists, they ensure that their projects and working environment are eco-friendly and sustainable. Reef Ecologic's main office runs on 100% solar energy and they keep track of the ecological footprint of all of their activities and field work through the Global Ecosystem Footprint to minimize and offset carbon footprint through Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund. They are recognized by Ecotourism Australia as a climate action certified business due to their dedication to reducing carbon emissions and assuring that their products and services are backed by commitment to sustainable practices related to addressing climate change.

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