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Swan Valley Gourmet Cafe Proves You can be Completely Sustainable

Swan Valley Gourmet Cafe Proves You can be Completely Sustainable

There is something in the air in Western Australia. So many super impressive eco businesses come from the south western corner of this wonderful country.

And here is another one - Swan Valley Gourmet Café. It is truly a pin up business for every kind of sustainable practice you can imagine. Swan Valley Gourmet Café is built on the farm from which a lot of the produce originates. 

The cafe is made entirely of reclaimed materials, mostly sourced free from Gumtree and offers a range of rustic, paddock-to-plate dishes with a gourmet twist, including all day breakfasts and a range of gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and paleo food options.

One of the owners, Sas Jacobs, grew up with a coeliac mother, so understands the importance of carefully chosen ingredients. It’s because of this fact that pretty much everything is made from scratch, including sauces, relishes, cakes, ketchup, yoghurt and sourdough breads. 

At Swan Valley Gourmet Café you can be certain that the glorious food is fresh, very local and exactly to your health requirements. The café even has a dedicated gluten free fryer bay and preparation area for our coeliac visitors. 

Swan Valley Gourmet are members of Responsible Cafes and display the poster on our front door. They offer reduced cost of takeaway coffee for people bringing their own clean travel mugs/keep cups and follow the guidelines of refuse, resuse, repurpose and recycle in everything.

They encourage patrons to bring their own clean containers for takeaway food; do not supply carrier bags and they use silicon baking sheets to replace baking paper and cling film where possible.

The entire fit out is secondhand, including refurbished appliances, storage racks, cool room and the tables, chairs & crockery came from other restaurants and op shops. Old doors were very stylishly used as cladding.  Artist Georgie Stirk-Wasley has even decorated one of the walls.

No food is wasted as there are endless options for left overs: compost, dog, chickens & goats and waste; oil is processed into bio diesel for use in farm vehicles; and coffee grounds composted or offered to patrons for their gardens. 

The café sports a glass jar exchange bin, soft plastics are recycled via REDcycle. The café uses local suppliers wherever possible e.g., B Re and Sons, Hermes, Midland Junction Ice-Creamery. The electricity during the day provided by solar panels on roof and rainwater diverted from roof to dam for use in irrigation of lawn.

Swan Valley Gourmet are open from 9am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday, and 5pm-8pm Fridays for Fish and Chip night. You can email them, call on 9296 6789 or book online and let them know any special dietary requirements.

Images: Swan Valley Gourmet
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Eco Intel Editor

1,000 apologies Sas J for the error - on the page and in Newsletter. Page is fixed and we will have to feature a correction in coming newsletters too. Congratulations on your amazing business. It just looks incredible. Friday, 29 June 2018

Sas J

We’re actually in the South western corner of the continent no eastern and our area is called the Swan Valley not Wedtern Valley. Thanks so much for writing about us!! Thursday, 28 June 2018