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4 Foot Fungus Killer Tips for Secondhand Shoes

4 Foot Fungus Killer Tips for Secondhand Shoes

Squeamish about secondhand shoes, but spotted a killer pair you like?

First up, if you buy your shoes from an Op Shop or someone who's had them in the cupboard for awhile, it's unlikely that there are any fungus still alive and ready to foist themselves upon your unsuspecting feet. Trying to survive without moisture and a foot to feed on, is a pretty fruitless exercise for the fungus. 

If however you are still concerned, or you would like to pass on your shoes with the surety that they are not infested with fungus, here are some easy tips to clean them. Your main objective is to simply get the moisture out of your shoes so there is literally no breeding ground for fungus.

It's pretty simple really - here are a few options.

1. Put them out in the sun and air dry them

2. There are heaps of disinfectant options around, but you can make your own by simply mixing a few drops of your favourite essential oil with a couple of tablespoons of bicarbonate soda. Mix it up. Put in your shoes for a few hours, then shake out in the loo. (You might just take this opportunity to give the loo a quick swish as well.) This tip works best with closed shoes. 

3. For open shoes, vinegar is a good option. Simply mix some vinegar (half/half) with water and put in a spray bottle. Spray your shoes to kill odours, fungus and bacteria.

4. Rubbing alcohol is a good alternative to vinegar. And vodka is a good alternative to rubbing alcohol if you have none.

The best thing about Vodka as an alternative of course is that you can always mix yourself a drink while you are cleaning your shoes.

For more tips on shoe care, here are 5 Ways to Treat Smelly Shoes.

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Anna S

Ha ha. Too many vodkas and you will have given away all your shoes! Great tips. I am going to try the bicarb and essential oils one. Thursday, 3 August 2017

Science Notes
There are about 6 kinds of common foot fungus that cause trouble. The fungus typically like to hang out between damp toes and under sweaty feet. 

If you are prone to feet fungi, know that synthetics like nylon (pantyhose for instance) are one of the biggest fungal environment supporters, so wear cotton or bamboo socks or tights if you can. Or consider any socks and tights with any kind of wicking fibres. 

Don't wear your footwear two days in a row and make sure you wash in water temperature greater than 60 degrees celsius. 
Related Tip

As tempting as it is to buy as many shoes as will fit in your wardrobe, try and have a few good quality, classic shoes that can work with a whole range of outfits.