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Celebrate & Innovate: World Oceans Day

Celebrate & Innovate: World Oceans Day

Have you ever wondered about the role our oceans play in our daily lives? June 8 is World Oceans Day, and the theme for 2020 is "Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean"

If you want to understand more about the role oceans play, there are a pile of online events going on around the world - many of them free, with outstanding speakers, educators and thought leaders, like those at EarthX from 9 - 12 June. 

We have huge challenges facing the world’s oceans - plastic pollution, overfishing and climate change, and we must work together to achieve a healthier ocean because billions of humans, plants and animals depend on it every day.

The United Nations World Ocean Day runs, supports and encourages programs around the world - conferences, photo competitions, art, curriculum for teachers and students. Anything that brings ocean awareness to more people.

Photo competition has been challenging this year with everyone in lockdown with the COVID-19 pandemic, so organisers asked photographers to dive into image library images and find images showing the challenges facing the oceans, including those with less aesthetic value but strong visual storytelling values.

This World Oceans Week, Earthx and the National Geographic Society are hosting a 'who's who' panel of educators, activists, film makers, conservationists and commentators 9 - 12 June. The June 12 program will be live-streamed from EarthxAustralia and focus on ocean programs across Oceania.

Around the world, most pressing threats facing our oceans. These solutions will be explored through conversations, film screenings and extended reality experiences - highlighting the power of science and storytelling to unlock the impact potential of communities across cultures, generations and ideologies.

There's never been a better time to understand the challenges facing our oceans as we have unprecedented access to events around the world. EarthX alone is featuring  Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean: Ocean Solutions and Entrepreneurs, Science, Technology, Deep Sea Exploration, The Blue Economy, Ocean Finance, Community Engagement and Youth Leadership, Life Support Systems of the Ocean, High Seas Initiatives, Coral Reef Restoration, Ocean Plastic Solutions, Sustainable Fisheries.

Main Image: Earth X / In story images are finalists from 2019 Oceans Day Comp: Jacek Dybowski | Domenico Tripodi | Matthew Ware

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