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Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

The fastest and most expedient way to clean Venetian blinds is with a pair of old socks (preferably without holes).

Get yourself some soapy water and put a sock on each hand - you will go a lot faster.

Open the blinds to horizontal position and simply wipe along each blind, both sides, one after another, washing your hand socks after each blind. 

If your blinds are super dirty, you should use a cloth, static cling duster, or brush head vacuum to remove loose dust and dirt from the blinds before wiping them. To get both sides, do this first with the slats turned up and then again with the slats turned down. 

Make sure you place towels or a drop sheet beneath your blinds to catch falling dirt.

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Science Notes

Scientifically speaking, cleaning blinds is bound to make your arms ache if you haven’t been in training for the job.

You can either get in shape at the gym, do some heavy lifting or just have to suck it up really. Picture those nice clean blinds in your mind and go for it!

Related Tip

For hard to reach areas and if you don't like getting your hands dirty, you can turn some old tongs into blind cleaners.

Glue some sponge to each tong finger and wait for them to dry. Dip in soapy water, squeeze out excess water and you are ready to go.