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Egg Shells as an Easy Calcium Supplement

Egg Shells as an Easy Calcium Supplement

Incorporating leftover egg shells into your dogs home made diet is a great way to reduce waste and benefit your dogs health

Calcium is a vital for dogs to ensure healthy bones and teeth, and this tip provides a quick and natural alternative to commercial supplements. 

Ground up eggshells can also be added to your chook grit if you keep hens. 

What you will need:

12 eggshells, cleaned and dried


  • Spread the eggshells on a baking sheet, and bake for 6 minutes
  • Once cool, crush the eggshells in a mortar and pestle, or a food processor into a powder
  • Add 3/4 teaspoon of the powder per cup of prepared food
  • The powder can be stored in room temperature for up to 2 months

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Science Notes

Eggshell powder is a natural source of calcium, strontium and fluorine which is beneficial for bone metabolism. However, when excess calcium is present in the dogs system, it will inhibit the absorption of phosphorus, so be careful not to over supplement. 

Clinical studies have shown that eggshell powder has a proven positive effect on bone and cartilage and is beneficial in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. 

Related Tip

If your dog is fed commercial dog food, calcium may already be added, so check the label.