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Good on You Ethical Fashion App

Good on You Ethical Fashion App

If you ever wondered (and you should) where your fashion comes from - how, who and where it was made, then the Good On You App is for you.

It's just 2 years since the Good on You App was first released, with 10,000 people downloading it within 8 days of its release in November 2015. A year later Good on You raised another $17,007 USD on Indigogo and hit the USA. Now they are now global with more than 1,000 brands on board. 

Here's how it works. Essentially the app (which is free) checks a brand for its impact on people, the planet and animals from the palm of your hand as you shop - or right now even. (Assuming you have downloaded it.)

You can check the rating of brands you know or ask the app to help you find brands that match your own style and values. 

Good On You also offer deals and discounts on behalf of traders who wish to promote, but they have to be rated either Great or Good to qualify for promotion. 

The more transparent a brand is about their operations, the better it is for them, their rating and for you. But you not only get to see the Good On You rating, you also get the chance to give feedback - both positive and negative. 

The Good On You team are constantly updating the App and rate the brands impact on People, Planet and Animals and gives a rating between 1 and 5. From 1 = We Avoid to 5 = Great. 

If you are interested in just a little bit more detail on how the app ratings work, Good On You explains their ethical brand ratings in more detail and if you want more detailed detail, you can download this Google Doc.

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We found this little gem on Good On You App's facebook page and it is definitely worth passing on. 

It's safe to say that most of us would be shocked if we discovered that as consumers we were personally connected to slavery. Unfortunately, it's not actually that unlikely. But knowledge is power and the more we learn the better choices we can all make! Find out more -