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How to Recycle Blankets

How to Recycle Blankets

You may be surprised to know how many places can make use out of your unwanted blankets 

Someone in your neighbourhood may be able to make good use out of your unwanted blanket, and if not there are plenty of charities who are always in need of blankets in good condition. 

Blankets in good condition can be resold in op shops, and can also be given to those in need. Think about Women's Shelters like Friends With Dignity and Homeless Shelters.

Blankets are also always wanted at animal shelters to use at bedding for animals in need. Shelters like BAWCS, Animal Welfare League NSW,  RSPCA Victoria are always on the lookout for donations of towels and blankets, as well as flat sheets, which can be very useful in keeping the animals warm and clean. However, please don’t send quilts, doonas or any manchester with filling or those that contain feathers.

Brightside Farm Sanctuary can always use some donated towels, and blankets. However, they do not accept pillows, doonas or anything with foam as they tend to turn to confetti and clog drains.

Towels and blankets are also needed at the Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary as these are used to care for sick animals so they are always good to have around.Please call in advance to ensure that the shelter has both the capacity to take your items and that they do take them.

Image: Unsplash - Kelly Sikkemeh
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Science Notes

For blankets to be given to a charity or any kind of shelter, please ensure they have been cleaned beforehand. Dust mites love all types of bedding, and blankets are no different. Dust mites can cause problems for people or animals with allergies or skin conditions. As a large amount of donated blankets will go to people and animals in need, who may be in vulnerable health conditions, it is important that the blankets are clean. 

Wash your blanket in very hot water to thoroughly clean it before donating. 

Related Tip

Most animal shelters can only take blankets that do not contain filling. This is because dogs love to chew these blankets until all the filling comes out, causing more work for the shelter workers.