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How to Recycle Children's Toys

How to Recycle Children's Toys

With some clear exceptions, all types of toys can have a second life after your child has outgrown them.

Given the high turnover in toys in younger years, toys often remain in pretty good nick. With so many children around, there is no reason for items in good conditions to end up in landfill. 

There are so many places to donate, give away are sell. Ask around your social group, neighbourhood or work for anyone that has children that could possibly enjoy the toys. Social media groups are great places, Mum's groups, Day Care Centres and your After School Care. 

If you are keen, you can also diy. Stuffed animals can be repurposed into backpacks and pencil cases among other things with a little imagination. Maybe even your dog or a friends dog would love a new toy to play with. 

Certain charities and op shops will take used toys to sell or to give to those in need. Check with your local op shop before you donate.

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Science Notes

The mass production of cheap, poor quality toys has a destructive impact on the environment. Millions of these toys end up in landfill after only a few uses because they break so easily. With the majority of these toys being made out of plastic and ending up in landfill, each individual toy will take 1000 years to break down. 

The few days or weeks of happiness a child will get out one poorly made plastic toy is surely not worth 1000 years in landfill. 


Related Tip

Purchase good quality wooden toys that will last for years and can be passed onto other children to enjoy. It will save you money in the long run and save the environment.