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How to Recycle Clothing in Good Condition

How to Recycle Clothing in Good Condition

Clothing and accessories are up to 100% recyclable. However, clothing generally cannot be placed in your council recycling bin.

There are, however, infinite possibilities with disposing of clothing in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way:

  1. Repurpose it into another item (it can even be turned into clothing to keep your pet warm in winter!)
  2. Donate it to an op shop

  3. Sell it in your own garage sale, at a flea market, or online
  4. Have a clothes swap and get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition and get some new ones at the same time. 
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Science Notes
Three thousand garments are sent to landfill in Australia every five minutes.

The silly thing is that there are probably 2,900 people who would have loved one of those garments. So recycle your clothes to someone who appreciates them.

Related Tip
If clothing is 'too far gone' and you don’t think it can still be worn, don't worry! Take your items to your local Op Shop or clothing bin. Clothing recyclers can convert items to scrap for use in other areas.  Broken down clothing can become cleaning rags, insulation and carpet backing material.