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How to Recycle Doonas and Quilts

How to Recycle Doonas and Quilts

Doonas and quilts can generally find another purpose after you no longer need them

There are all kinds of options for your old bedding and here are a few. Please make sure you have cleaned it before passing on. 

Quilts of Valour welcome any of the following contributions.

  • Squares measuring 8 ½ inch, 10 ½ inch, or 12 ½ inch.
  • Tops with or without backing, measuring minimum of 50 inches by 70 inches.
  • Complete quilt measuring 50 inches by 70 inches.
  • Quilt supplies are welcome, such as wadding, thread, etc. 

Please contact Quilts of Valour direct if you would like to send large quantities of raw materials.

Blankets for Brisbane accept donated blankets for the homeless. If you want to donate, you can drop your quilt, doonas or blankets into any Plus Dry Cleaners store in Brisbane.

Friends With Dignity is a national not-for-profit community organisation providing assistance to men, women and children who have been displaced by domestic violence.

Willing and Able Foundation recycles many items that can also assist others. Excess stock from our Opportunity Shop is put to good use & is sent overseas monthly to help poorer nations:

  • Blankets, Sleeping Bags, curtains & other items

  • Sheets, valances, pillow cases, Doona's & covers, mattress protectors & other bed linen

Sheridan has a recycling program and takes in any brand of sheets, quilt covers or towels. These are sent to their partnering factories to be made into recycled yarn that is repurposed into new products.

If your doona or quilt is in good condition it can usually be donated to an op shop or an animal shelter, to help those in need. Please call in advance to ensure that the venue has both the capacity to take your items and that they do take them.

Green thumbs can use damaged doonas or quilts in the garden to help kill weeds. If you have a patch of weeds, cut out an appropriate piece of the doona or quilt and place over the weeds. This will eventually suffocate the weeds and they will die off.

Image: Unsplash | Andrew Jasso
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Science Notes

Placing your unwanted doona or quilt over a patch of weeds will kill the weeds by starving them of light, which weeds need to survive. Materials like your doona or quilt will allow water and air into the soil to keep it healthy, but will just starve the weeds of light. If you do not want the quilt to be seen in your garden, you can place some soil over the top of the doona to conceal it.

This is a great natural way to control the weeds in your garden without the use of nasty chemical herbicides. (The same tactic can be used with old newspaper, which works just as well.)

Related Tip

Most animal shelters can only take blankets that do not contain filling.

This is because dogs love to chew these blankets until all the filling comes out, causing more work for the shelter workers.