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How to Recycle Newspaper

How to Recycle Newspaper

Newspaper is fully recyclable and should be placed in your council recycling bin.

Newspapers are recycled into new newsprint and other paper materials. Food or grease-soiled newspapers should be disposed of in the garbage to prevent contamination of recycling streams.

Instead of recycling newspaper, try and repurpose or reuse it first. Newspaper can be used as gift wrapping or at home to protect surfaces when crafting. Pet shops are always grateful for donations of newspaper for the puppies, kittens, and also hermit crabs.

And of course, you can put it into your compost as most modern newspapers are printed with plant-based inks.
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Science Notes
Australia is one of the biggest recyclers of newspapers in the world. We recycle around 72% of all newspapers and as such tonnes of landfill are prevented from accumulating.  

Contrary to popular belief, newspaper breaks down slowly, especially in ‘dry landfills’.  Because of this, it is important to recycle newspaper and only use it to wrap food that you are throwing out. Don’t for instance; use it to line your kitchen rubbish bin.

Recycling a 1 metre stack of newspaper saves the equivalent of a 12 metre tree!

Related Tip
Wrap oils and other food that are going into your rubbish in newspaper instead of putting it into plastic bags.