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How to Recycle Paint Tins - Empty

How to Recycle Paint Tins - Empty

Paint tins are made from steel and are fully recyclable and can go in your council recycling bin if empty

Before placing tins in your recycling bin however, you must remove any left over paint - not so it is perfectly clean metal, but simply emptied. The thing with paint is that is is hazardous waste even though the tin is not. 

Unused paint needs to be taken to Paintback or a second life retailer or disposed of through a council hazardous waste program or taken to your local transfer station.

Be aware that it is illegal to pour paint or paint products into drains or gutters.

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Science Notes

Most pure metals are very easy and comparatively inexpensive to recycle. Metals typically undergo a three step recycling process - collection, sorting, and melting. The pure liquid metal is poured into moulds and sent to become a new metal product.

The aluminium from a soda or beer can will conceivably complete the three step process and be back on a retailer's shelf in as little as 60 days.

Related Tip

Always store your paint in the tin in came in, even if there is only a little left. You will always be sure of the contents.