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How to Recycle Paperboard

How to Recycle Paperboard

A lot of people think that you can’t recycle things like pizza boxes and other cardboard food containers.

You can – as long as you scrape the food off them. Paperboard is most commonly found in pizza boxes, cereal boxes, biscuit boxes and the like.

Paperboard can be placed in your household recycling bin as long as it is clean and dry. Remember to flatten prior to placing in the council recycling bin.

Boxes make for great children’s craft activities so keep the boxes when you can. These can range from cereal boxes to new appliance boxes.

Boxes also make great swing tags for gifts at Xmas time. You can cut out old card or mags and stick pics on as well. 

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Science Notes
The difference between paperboard and cardboard is that that paperboard is generally single layered (thinner) than double layered cardboard. Paperboard is generally used for lighter items or items that won’t be sitting in the box for very long.

By recycling paperboard and other paper products, 51% of the impact on the environment of using virgin materials can be prevented. Every Australian uses paperboard and paper products and up to 50% of what we use contributes to tonnes of landfill. With proper paper and paperboard recycling, this could be reduced dramatically.

Related Tip
Paperboard can also be reused to make gift tags. Cut to shape and attach a string and there you go, your own personal gift tags for any occasion.