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How to Recycle PP 5 Take Away Food Containers

How to Recycle PP 5 Take Away Food Containers

Take Away Food Containers are PP 5 plastic or Polypropylene which is a hard yet still a flexible plastic

PP 5 plastic containers are translucent and are easily coloured. They are typically filled with take away food, often hot.

Take Away Food Containers are recyclable in your council recycle bin. They don't have to be completely clean, but they should not contain any food scraps as they can contaminate other recyclables, especially paper.  In any event, it is helpful to both the recyclers and the smell of your bin if you do clean them. 

Repurposing your take away containers for storage is an excellent way to use them. Use takeaway containers to freeze leftovers or meals; to take your lunch to work; store small items that tend to get lost. Most take away containers are stackable and durable. 

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Science Notes
Take Away Food Containers are a PP5 plastic. While PP5 plastics generally pass microwave testing, not a great deal is known about what happens over time with prolonged reheating of food in the same container.

It is safer to not continue to reuse containers for microwave heating and limit your potential exposure to endocryne disruptors.

Related Tip
There is an excellent website called Trashless Takeaway, building a map of all Cafes & Restaurants across Australia who will allow you to BYO container.

Check if your fav is on it or if you know they will allow BYO, do them and everyone else a favour and add them.