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How to Recycle PP 5

How to Recycle PP 5

Bottle Caps, Baby Bottles, and Clear Take-Away Containers are all generally PP5 plastic products

PP 5 plastic film is found in many snack food bags – sometimes metal-ised as in the case of a potato chip packet, clear wraps and labels.  

PP 5 plastic containers include yoghurt and other dairy containers, make-up containers, medicine bottles, baby bottles, bottle caps, ice cream containers and take away food containers. PP 5 plastic containers are recyclable in the council kerbside recycle bin.

PP 5 plastic film is generally problematic for the same reasons as LDPE 4 plastics. It gets caught in recycle machinery and plastics like potato chip packets are typically bonded with other products and need separation so are not accepted by most councils. This situation is slowly changing so make sure you check the Location Finder here to see if this item can be placed in your local council recycling bin.  

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Science Notes

PP 5 plastic stands for Polypropylene which is a hard yet still a flexible plastic.

The film is clear, stiff and glossy. PP 5 plastic containers are translucent and are easily coloured. They are typically filled with take away food, often hot. While PP5 plastics generally pass microwave testing, there is still no real results available for prolonged use of containers, reheating food. Don't continue to reuse containers for microwave heating to limit potential exposure to endocryne disruptors.

Yoghurt containers are designed to store cold food for a limited time and should really be only reused for that same purpose.

PP5 plastic can be recycled into battery cases, ice scrapers and brooms. 

Related Tip
PP 5 plastic containers are typically harder and thicker than the PS 6 plastics tubs which also house some yoghurts, butters and dairy.