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How to Recycle Sneakers & Runners

How to Recycle Sneakers & Runners

For the majority of Australians, running shoes are worn almost everyday, even if we aren't running in them.

Looking good, playing sports, commuting to work, walking the dog, wears out a lot of shoes. Worn out and damaged running shoes can actually be recycled and there are plenty of options. If your running shoes are in good condition, your are over them or they don't fit you just right there are plenty of places who will take them like soles4Souls (SA), who send them offshore to poor countries. In Victoria, there is Boots for All, in WA, Fair Game and across Australia, Shoes for Planet Earth.

If your shoes are in reasonable nick, remember you can take them to your local Op shop. Just clean them up before you drop them off.

To find your nearest drop off, mail in or pick up location check out Recycling Locations, put in your location and see who is about

Please don't throw old shoes in the landfill bin and you can't put them in the recycle bin. 

Pic: Unsplash - Hunter Johnson | Daniel Garcia

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Science Notes

Around 30 million pairs of shoes are thrown into Australian landfills every year. Most shoes, especially sports shoes, are predominantly made out of plastics that can take up to 1000 years to break down.

All those shoes in landfill could actually be helping people in developing countries.

By donating your shoes to a charity that will pass on your shoes to those in need, you will be helping prevent diseases caused by lack of proper footwear in developing countries, and help improve the livelihood of those in need.

Related Tip

As tempting as it is to buy as many shoes as will fit in your wardrobe, try and have a few good quality, classic shoes that can work with a whole range of outfits.