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IBM's Chef Watson Serves up Recipes for Leftover Food

IBM's Chef Watson Serves up Recipes for Leftover Food

I love Chef Watson and have yet to not find a recipe for leftover food. (In all fairness, some are a bit dodgy, but most are excellent.)

Chef Watson has literally thousands of recipes and is essentially your own personal sous chef. With recipes from all over the world, it's a great way to cook in different styles and literally eat your way through your pantry or your left overs, using only the ingredients you already have there.

Chef Watson is ingredient driven. The way it works it that you put in the ingredients you have to cook with and Chef Watson returns you recipes for those specific ingredients. (

 If you can find two ingredients that can't be cooked together, make sure you let Chef Watson know. There is sure to be someone somewhere in the world who has a solution.)

You need to join up, but it's free so give it a go. Key in whatever ingredients you have to cook with and Chef Watson will serve you recipes to cook, including the foods to pair with and cooking styles. 

Finding solutions is as much fun as what you end up cooking. This is the perfect tool for anyone who cares about careful consumption and frankly, you never have to buy a cookbook again.

This site is also perfect for the kind of person who doesn't store recipes or even if you do, likes to look online for ideas, then IBM's Chef Watson is for you. 

(edit: It appears that IBM Watson has fired the Chef as the site has gone! Go to BBC Food and input your ingredients for an excellent alternative.)

Images: Unsplash | Main image -  Toa Heftiba / All others: Brooke Lark
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Science Notes
Chef Watson is part of IBM’s Watson mission to develop cognitive computing applications that can help people discover new ideas in all corners of life. Virtual agents, chat bots, Ai. 

Working with professionals and users, Chef Watson has created thousands of sometimes surprising new recipes. 

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