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Lemon Zest As You Go

Lemon Zest As You Go

If  you drink green smoothies every day with green leaves like kale or spinach, then you are most likely going to have at least half a lemon or lime skin leftover every day.

One way to use food scraps is to not have scraps in the first place!  In this case, we are talking about a lemon or a lime. Before you cut up your lemon or lime for any purpose, simply zest it and pop the zest into a jar. 

Use a big jar to collect your zest and every day and as you add more, simply put another stroke on the jar so you know how many zested lemons or limes you have. After each day's addition, simply pop the container back into the freezer for the next day's collection, until you are ready to use it.

Even if you aren't plowing through dozens of lemons with early morning hot lemon or green smoothies, this tip will ensure you have a healthy stock of lemon zest for whenever you might need it.
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Science Notes

Lemon peel will freeze for ages and defrost in excellent shape.

Only use this tip if you have either grown your own lemons and not doused them in pesticide or purchased organic.

You don't want to be scoffing a mouthful of pesticide along with your lemon zest.


Related Tip

Lemon or lime zest does taste slightly different, but it is usually inter changeable at a pinch in most recipes. > > Zest in big pieces because they thaw more easily without clumping.