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Natural Wool-filter Masks from New Zealand

Natural Wool-filter Masks from New Zealand

So much to love about this pic. It's a pic of the team at Lanaco across the ditch in New Zealand making natural wool fibre masks

As we're looking down the bridge of our noses to long term mask wearing and a protagonist who seems to be in for the long haul, it's time to get serious about natural filters in masks if you are using disposables - for your own health and the environment. 

Lunaco provided more than 70,000 disposable facemasks to the New Zealand Olympic team - masks with a natural wool filter and were designed for the warm temperatures of Japan. The masks use the same Helix filter technology chosen to protect Nasa astronauts for their next trip to the moon. With the new worldorder Covid mask requirements and with summer approaching, seems like a good option for the rest of us mere mortals. (Though I do find myself wondering how the little NZ team used 70,000 masks!?) 

So much to love about an NZ sheep...

Lanaco's respiratory filters and devices use Helix technology from its specially selected New Zealand sheep flocks. This process produces a unique and high-performing natural protein fibre-based filter which has been optimised for applications related to respiratory health in medical, appliance, ventilation and anti-pollution.

Lunaco says that the natural wool fibre has amazing capabilities which synthetics can’t match. Wool is the world’s most positively-charged natural fibre, which translates to an electrostatic filter that acts as a magnet that captures particles. It's naturally bacteria-static, so germs don’t remain on it. It also naturally absorbs toxins. And it's more breathable. 

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