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Ombré Christmas Wreath from Old Blue Jeans

Ombré Christmas Wreath from Old Blue Jeans

This wreath is a super easy & a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your front door or walls during the festive season

I am KT Doyle and I love a good project, something you can do with friends over a glass of wine or with kids during a long summery afternoon at home.


  • 1 x embroidery hoop (10″ diameter)

  • 46 x strips of recycled denim fabric (cut 1″ x 9″)
  • Rotary cutter or scissors
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Cotton tape or ribbon (optional)


1. Cut your recycled denim into 1″ x 9″ strips. I used 46 pieces to cover a 10″ diameter embroidery hoop. You could create a monotone effect using denim of just one colour, or do as I did and use different shades of blue to create an ombre effect.

2. Remove the inner part of the embroidery hoop and use this part for your wreath. (You can use the outer part of the hoop as well, and create a second wreath to give as a gift.)

3. Tie your denim strips onto the embroidery hoop, each with a single knot, one next to the other. I created an ombre effect by graduating the colours around the hoop.

4. You can hang your wreath from a hook to create a seamless floating effect on your door, as I did. Or, you can attach a piece of cotton tape or ribbon to the top, hanging your wreath from a loop.

You don’t have to use denim. You can make this wreath from other fabric scraps, but it’s best if the fabric has a bit of body or stiffness to it, so that when the wreath hangs, it will maintain its lovely circular shape.

If you would like to make a wreath out of flowers or leaves, there are plenty of workshops around where you get all your materials within the workshop fee. 

Images: KT Doyle | Bottom Image Upcycle Studio 
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Science Notes

Australian charities receive 22 tonnes of clothing waste per day, but they estimate only 10% is of resell quality. The rest goes to textile recycling or to landfill.

We encourage you to do whatever it takes to keep your denim out of landfill.

Give your old jeans to charity, to op shops or to organised missions. Give them to friends. Organise a clothes swap.

Upcycle them yourself into something new and wonderful. 

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