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Sit, Shave and Save

Sit, Shave and Save

Shaving in the shower with the water on is just a waste of water

Ensure you turn the shower off while you shave, or put water in the bathroom basin and shave your legs before you shower.

Alternatively, reduce your use of both energy and power by multi-tasking. Watch television, listen to music, or just sit down in the peace and quiet while your shave your legs. You may even get a better shave now that you have more time.

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Science Notes

It is estimated that 50 billion litres is wasted each year while women (and men) shave their legs in the shower.

This statistic is particularly concerning because an estimated one in six people worldwide don’t have access to a daily water supply of 20-50 litres.

Related Tip

When shaving follow the below tips for a better shave and smoother legs. 

  1. Exfoliate your legs before you shave, this will reduce the risk of razor burn and keep your razor from getting clogged
  2. Ensuring your legs are wet enough will soften your skin and provide a better shave
  3. There a lot of razors and creams available. Ensure that the ones you use are the best for you and that you are comfortable with them.
  4. Work your way from your ankles upwards. Leg hairs grow down and the trick to shaving is to go against the grain (hair)
  5. Moisturise your legs afterwards to make your legs softer and avoid irritations.