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Sustainable Traders 7 June 2022

Sustainable Traders 7 June 2022

Flour Water Salt Bakery | Weyhill Farm | Bondi Born | Elementelle | Digital Storytellers | ENGEO | Happy Spaces | NutriSoil | Solar Analytics | Whole Kids

Flour Water Salt Bakery

Flour Water Salt bakery is a family owned business in the beautiful town of Berry belonging to Joost & Kirsty Hilkemeijer. At the heart of their business is artisan sourdough - containing only three ingredients – organic flour, purified water and Australian sea salt. Flour Water Salt bakery believes good bread should be made using the purest of ingredients. Their organic bread is authentic sourdough, shaped and moulded by hand, their breads are left to rise for hours in willow baskets and baked to produce authentic European handcrafted sourdough. They only use a natural leaven, without any added baker’s yeast, or anything else you wouldn’t expect from a traditional sourdough bread.

Weyhill Farm

Weyhill Farm is a small farm in Ranceby, Victoria specialising in Australian grown garlic and preserved garlic salts. Although not a certified farm, the family likes to keep things natural and spray-free and this applies to their herbs, lemons and chillies that are used in their range of garlic salts.

Bondi Born

Bondi Born is Australia's leading luxury swim & resort wear brand that expresses contemporary Australian style with an emphasis on strong, sleek and sophisticated silhouettes, made in next generation fabrics. Bondi Born pieces are made using only the finest quality fabrics and premium craftsmanship. With an ongoing commitment to uncompromising quality, ethics and sustainability, every fabric is consciously sourced for sustainable certification. Each garment is expertly crafted in Sydney, the world's capital of swimwear.


Elementelle is an Australian company with a passion for better gut health. They offer a range of probiotics that are combined with prebiotics and specialty vitamins & minerals to help you renew, reactivate and respond to everyday life. While dedicated to helping your inner system renew, reactivate and respond, Elementelle is just as aware of our outer environment, the system that nurtures us all. Which is why they have a deep social conscience on all things carbon neutral, recyclable, purpose before profit; and supporting future minds that are change makers, and communities and causes in need.

Digital Storytellers

Digital Storytellers craft impactful stories for a better world. Based in Sydney and works across Australia and internationally, their mission is to create a more inclusive narrative by helping to tell stories that matter, and sharing their knowledge and resources to empower a wider community of storytellers.


ENGEO is an award-winning firm of geotechnical engineers, geologists, environmental scientists and hydrologists. With offices in Australia, New Zealand and in the United States, ENGEO offers clients practical, timely, and efficient solutions through the highest levels of capability and service. They provide geotechnical, environmental, water resources engineering and construction services. ENGEO has a broad range of project experience with development, both urban infill and large master-planned communities; transportation including airports, roadways and bridges; public facilities including fire stations, hospitals and schools; environmental assessments and remediation; and geologic evaluations including fault location studies, landslide mitigation and repair.

Happy Spaces

Happy Spaces offers coworking spaces where genuine connection and wellbeing meets your local workspace. Their Torquay location has an event space, a seven person meeting room, four private booths communal spaces for casual catch ups, and a 12-meter balcony overlooking the beach. Their Black Rock location has two meetings spaces for up to ten people with iconic views of the Black Rock village.


NutriSoil is a biological liquid fertiliser that enhances photosynthesis and feeds microbial communities in the soil growing larger root systems in plants. NutriSoil can be used on all plants and crops in Agriculture, Horticulture and Viticulture. It is scientifically proven as microbial food for existing biology, increases diversity and biomass of microbes including mycorrhizal fungi, and increases soil carbon, biological nitrogen fixation and soil water holding capacity.

Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics believes in a world powered by sustainable, abundant and affordable energy. Solar Analytics designs, develops and supplies smart solar software solutions that deliver more value from rooftop solar systems. They are committed to helping households, businesses and solar retailers get more from rooftop solar.

Whole Kids

Whole Kids is an Australian-owned food company created by a real mum and dad, Monica and James Meldrum. Founded in 2005, Whole Kids has grown to become Australia’s favourite range of organic, additive-free, allergen-friendly foods and snacks for babies, toddlers and kids. Whole Kids is proudly a certified B-Corp and Australian Certified Organic.

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