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Taking Photos of Kids

Taking Photos of Kids

This little guy is 2 years old. He is the son of professional snake catchers and this is his favourite pet!

Kids and animals (along with politicians and sporting royalty) have been a regular subject matter over my career as a photographer. Believe me, there are plenty of behavioural similarities, but not always in front of the camera.

Kids are incredibly rewarding when a photo works and more times than not, well worth the challenge. My favourite photos of kids are with the animals they love. And that goes for most people even as we all know the saying, "Never work with kids or animals... and definitely not with both!"

Here are my top tips, that have served me well over the years:

  • The general rule is be prepared well before you have the kids or animal ready.

  • Check your lighting, camera before they arrive. 

  • Once they arrive, you have about 5-10 mins before both animal and kid are done. They won't give you anymore. 

  • Let the kid or animal dictate how the shoot goes to a certain extent, as you will often get an even better pic than you bargained for!

If you ever want any tips or advice, just ask away below! I'd love to help. Kids and nature are my great passion.

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