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The Rise of Mainstream Eco Fashion

The Rise of Mainstream Eco Fashion

Eco fashion provides great basics and children's wear

For people who have been living under a rock, “eco fashion” conjures up images of tie dyed skirts you can buy from the weekend market, probably sold by some person with dreadlocks who looked like they needed a good feed, or worse, a bath.

The rise of more eco savvy consumer is seeing a whole new breed of young designers producing more mainstream eco clothing, especially in basics and children's wear. 

Eco fashion is all about creating clothes with minimal impact on the environment. This includes garments made using sustainable practices such as organic textiles, low impact dyes, recycled or upcycled materials, no wastage pattern cutting and fabrics made without the use of animal products. 

There are heaps of great basics around and the list is  growing everyday. Makers like Boody make children's wear, underwear and active wear and are stocked all over Australia.  And there are plenty of other more boutique makers under Fashion and the list is growing every day. For eco friendly basics check out We Are Harper and Fairtees.

Eco Fashion really comes into its own in baby and children’s wear. A lot of the early eco innovation and design attention went into children's and baby wear as mothers became increasingly interested in what their children were really wearing.

Starting with new borns, with baby wraps like those from Elki BabyGaia Organic Cotton and super cute non gender specific gear from Mali Miko.

Those are just some great eco fashion designers - no tie dye involved. Do you have a favourite eco designer? Add your feedback and spread the word! 

Image: Katya Shut/Shutterstock

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