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The Upcycled Skateboard Thing

The Upcycled Skateboard Thing

Guitars, Sculptures, Homewares & Furniture. Skateboard upcycling is on.

It is no accident that skateboards are upcycled as much as they are. For starters, the quality of the wood, Canadian maple, so carefully dyed and layered to make the board in the first place, pretty much always guarantees an interesting result. 

Some artists like Ezequiel Galasso in Argentina are taking single skateboards and making them into Electric Guitars. Each with it's own history proudly stamped on it's face.


Others like brothers, Adrian and Martinus Pool from Calgary in Canada, create all kinds of beautiful furniture and home wares like the table below and the bowls in the hero image of this story - using stacked skateboards. These brothers are the pin up boys for a new generation of furniture makers.  

Martinus attended film school before pursuing carpentry, bringing his keen eye for aesthetics and a creative perspective to each piece they make. Adrian is precision focused, so together, their furniture designs reflect both a refined sense of artistry and a commitment to quality craftsmanship.

And then there is the amazingly intricate Japanese artist, Haroshi, who amongst many beautiful sculptures seems to have penchant for flipping the bird. (If you find this one offensive, please still check him out. He does a very nice apple. And shoe.

Meanwhile back in Australia, we have the fabulous Deadwood Creative, who make the most glorious jewellery from skateboards. And the best thing is that you can actually buy from them as they are here in Australia!

Pics by their own creators. 


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