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What is a Raw Food Diet?

What is a Raw Food Diet?

Raw food is as much about eating more lettuce as it is about eating as much dessert as you like for breakfast

Raw food crusaders seem to be sprouting like beans on a trellis in winter and you might be wondering what they are on about. For starters, they aren't actually just eating small portions of raw fruit and vegetables with a sprig of some wilted herb on the side. 

They actually eat very well, but there are rules. And if nothing else does, this first rule might just convert you.

With raw food, there’s no need to restrict yourself to calorie counting, strict rules, special fees or support groups to be on the raw food diet. Best of all you can eat raw food dessert at any time of the day! 

Raw food can be heated up to 48 degrees Celsius or consumed in its rawest form. Preparation is usually quick and easy, commonly involving chopping with a knife, using a food processor, blender or juicer.   

You can get some of the benefits of a raw food diet even if you aren't a 100 percent follower. The raw food diet is meant to provide up to 80 percent of your daily diet with the remaining 20 percent filled with your choice of food. 

Your percentage is a personal choice and you have the freedom to incorporate the raw food diet into your daily life as you chose. Even if you are not able to consume 80 percent of your daily consumption from raw foods, start with whatever adjustment you can. It is better to make some kind of change to improve your raw percentage than to announce the 100 percent target as too hard and give up.

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Science Notes
Nutrient supply to your body comes directly from your raw food source. Vitamin B12, vitamin D, potassium, calcium and fibre are nutrients you receive on a daily basis when consuming a raw food diet. 

One thing to bear in mind about raw desserts - even those sweetened with dates and dried fruits usually have a lot of calories; often as much as a more traditional dessert. And even though the sugar is natural, the sugar content can be up to 60%. Enjoy in moderation! 
Related Tip
‚ÄčCommon ingredients include raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, beans, sprouted grains, seeds, nuts and unpasteurized dairy products.

Adding a raw food side dish to your dinner plate or preparing raw food snacks is a good way to introduce the raw food and the raw food diet to your family. Slowly add more raw food dishes until you reach your desired raw food percentage.