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10 Domestic Duty Exercises. Seriously

10 Domestic Duty Exercises. Seriously

You really can turn housework into functional exercise if you swing with a mission. (Please don't dress like this)

Right now could be a good time to improve your exercise routine and mental state by viewing domestic duties as exercise! Honestly. Statistically, women have a head start on this tip and are generally more highly skilled than men, so guys, it might be time to pay your closest female as a personal trainer to teach you domestic duty mastery. 

The key idea here is to simply look at domestic duties differently. Nope, not a call to arms of all the lazy people in the household to proffer another excuse for lack of domestic activity, but a genuine all in, home exercise opportunity.

By simply extending normal domestic duty actions you are already doing (or are about to learn), you can get way value out of every move you make.

  1. Hang out the washing and work your arms by lifting and pegging clothes and your legs by squatting to pick up clothes.
  2. Run the stairs instead of walking and lift your heart rate.
  3. Vacuum to work your legs as you walk, your back as you bend and your arms as you reach.
  4. Clean the toilet to work your arms as you give the loo a good old scrub with bicarb.
  5. Dust and give your arms a stretch as you rub and give your legs a workout as you walk around. 
  6. Repaint a room. Painting will remind you of muscles you have forgotten in your legs by squatting and standing and your arms as you reach, roll and brush. 
  7. Garden and work your legs and your arms as you lift, carry, dig and push. 
  8. Wash your own car. It works your entire body as you stretch and scrub the inside and out.
  9. Mow the lawn and work your legs as you walk and your arms as you push, steer and vibrate!
  10. Wash your floors and work your legs as you walk, dip, squat, push and pull.

Does what you wear matter?

It isn't entirely true that what you are wearing matters, but it's not  untrue either. If you are dressed to exercise, it's the best gear to be doing house and yard work in and it will also motivate you to live up to the promise you have made yourself!  Best not done in heels, guys.

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Lara Lynch
Creative Keeper

Love this idea! We just moved into a new office and although we had some amazing removalists help us move 500 boxes up a flight of stairs we all pitched in too to take advantage of the exercise opportunity without completely destroying ourselves in the process. Maybe I'll just make a habit of walking a box up and down a day to stay 'mover fit'. Haha Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Jenn Nielsen
Nielsen Hart

12. Active avoidance! I find going out for a quick jog or gym session works pretty well! Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kim D
Fitness Enthusiast

11. Rake leaves if you have a lawn. It's as good as a fast walk, burning around 250 calories. Raking uses your core as it works to stabilize your body. People tend to rake on one side so if you can consciously change sides, do. Thursday, 11 June 2015

Science Notes

Typical calorie count per 30 minutes of exercise:
Mopping: 132 calories 
Mowing: 162 calories 
Painting: 138 calories 
Vacuuming: 150 calories
Washing the car: 132 calories
Watering plants: 120 calories 
Light gardening: 118 calories
Cleaning: 86 calories 
Washing dishes: 77 calories
Ironing: 77 calories

Related Tip

Every single household chore can be exaggerated to give yourself more of a fitness boost as you integrate squats, lunges, stretches, sit-ups and dips into your daily chores.