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Better Packaging Co & Sendle Launch Compostable Satchel

Better Packaging Co & Sendle Launch Compostable Satchel

Sendle announced the trial this month of a 100% biodegradable and compostable courier satchel.

Sendle are offering the first 100 customers a free trial of the compostable satchel and plan to move to selling them immediately following, if all goes to plan. The satchel is made from corn starch and is certified compostable at home and according to Sendle, need to be treated like Red Wine. (For keeping purposes, not devouring. Anything that biodegrades in a home environment needs to be kept somewhere cool for shelf life.)

The bags are manufactured by relatively new market entrant, Better Packaging Co who launched early this year. After years in development, Better Packaging Co are an incredible bunch of Australians, head quartered in New Zealand and with offices in Sydney, already selling their packaging around the world. 

Earlier in the year one of TBPCo.'s co-founders was attending the Retail Global Conference on the Gold Coast and met the Sendle crew. Reportedly, as soon as Sendle laid eyes on the satchels, they could see the potential for their business and their customers.

Sendle are committed to lessening the environmental impact of their services in whatever way they can, but are also committed to being commercially competitive. Sendle under cut Australia Post's pricing and recently won a ruling against Aus Post who had taken them to court, suing for trademark infringement for their slogan, "Post without the office". Sendle use a back loading network to keep costs down, stay carbon neutral and are also a registered BCorp, so these satchels are a logical step. There is certainly a huge market for the product.

The satchel trial will test the market, to get an understanding of potential issues for small businesses, what works for them and their customer base. Better Packaging Co and Sendle are sure it's going to go well - they've already had incredible feedback from people clamouring for the satchels.

As well as these satchels, Better Packaging Co supply packaging to industry. They sell corn based 'plastic' bags for courier bags, shopping bags, sachets and comPoly Bags - a compostable alternative to the traditional poly bag you would see packaging t-shirts, jewellery and stationary. 

Better Packaging Co also sell more sturdy waterproof shopping bags  and sachets made from limestone off-cuts.

These bags, once they become more available to consumers, will end the debate about sustainable reusable bags once and for all.

They are manufactured using only renewable solar power, and use no trees, water, or chemicals to create. They also create no pollution or greenhouse emissions. Once you are done with them, they can be recycled with soft plastics. They do biodegrade however within 12 months leaving only fine, chalky limestone.



Images: Sendle & Better Packaging Co
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