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Fresh Traders this week 14 December, 2020

Fresh Traders this week 14 December, 2020

The Rose and Radish Garden Farm | Karl Kombucha | Little Lyndoch Flower Farm | Ziggy's Wildfoods | Danny's Bread | Citrus Men | Made From Care | Bonnie Blooms | Finger Limes Melbourne | Thu Hut Flower Farm | Creative Native Foods | Gourmet Limes | Outback Chef | Zilch Store

The Rose and Radish Garden Farm

This small farm in Picadilly Road is run by Oscar and Rosie. Together, they grow, gather and create flower posies, medicinal herbs, orchard fruit, produce, and apple juice. All of their products are made by hand in small batches, and created with great care and pride. 

Karl Kombucha

Karl Kombucha makes Kombucha Kits and all products needed to ensure a healthy and tasty batch of Kombucha. Karl founded the business, and he was joined later by his best friend Josh. Both have the aim and goal to supply people with great tasting Kombucha at the fraction of the cost. Their Kombucha Kits are made locally, ensuring that their practice is centralised around ethics, being cruelty free, using organic ingredients. 

Little Lyndoch Flower Farm

Rob & Katie runs the Little Lyndoch Flower Farm in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Their flowers are available in small batches from their farm, and local florists.

Ziggy's Wildfoods

Ziggy's Wildfoods is passionate about creating the finest Australian Native Food ferments, hot sauces, and culinary delights! All of Ziggy's products are proudly created using wild hand-foraged Australian Native ingredients - combined with that which is grown and sold by indigenous communities, organisations and wild harvesters. A portion of every item sold is also donated directly to supporting upcoming generations through a variety of Indigenous Organisations.

Danny's Bread

Danny's is an artisan sourdough bakery in Brisbane's Teneriffe. Founded by Daniel Mikus, an artisan baker and pastry chef, has spent the last decade developing his skills so that he can share his craft. At Danny’s, control of the fermentation and the action of natural bacteria is very important and helps produce a deep rustic and slightly sour flavoured bread.

Citrus Men

Citrus Men are Australian growers of Australian grafted citrus trees. For generations, they have been growing, grafting and budding citrus from their established and expansive nursery. Citrus Men is an accredited and awarded industry standard plant producer so you are assured of a premium quality, grafted citrus tree.

Made From Care

Made From Care is an eco friendly goods store based in Melbourne, offering hand made products such as vegan soaps, cedar wood soap holders, reusable cotton face pads, wooden reusable dish brushes and more.

Bonnie Blooms

Bonnie Dowie gathers and curates seasonal and locally grown blooms for weddings and special occasions. Bonnie's floral designs are joyful, abundant, whimsical, textural, nature-inspired and honest, created using the best blooms each season has to offer. Apart from locally grown, seasonal flowers, Bonnie Blooms arrangements are made without floral foam. Bonnie Blooms also works with organisations creating real change in the world, and donates 5% of profits to support worthy causes both locally and globally. 

Finger Limes Melbourne

This Melbourne-based business proudly grows the best quality Finger Limes grafted trees and fruits, along with other native herbs, plants and trees from all around Australia. Each of their trees has been grafted with mastery on certified disease free rootstocks, so you can guarantee the health of the trees.

The Hut Flower Farm

Run by Marian & Rob Wiltshire, The Hut is a small flower farm in Southern Tasmania supplying beautiful, locally and sustainably grown blooms to florists and event designers in Tasmania.

Creative Native Foods

Creative Native Foods strive to provide the highest-quality range of premium native Australian ingredients and products - from fresh, frozen, to dried herbs and spices, and preserves. The aim of Creative Native Foods is to help increase the knowledge and understanding of Australia’s native foods through their products and education kit.

Gourmet Limes

Gourmet Limes is a Wholesale Supplier of native Australian finger lime trees.

Gourmet lime’s finger lime plants encompass the diversity of flavours and colours found in natural populations of Microcitrus australiasica, now found to stretch from as far south as Washpool National Park up to D’Aguilar National Park in sunny Queensland.

Outback Chef

Outback Chef is about promoting and educating people about the amazing native food that grows in Australia. Outback Chef emerged as an Australian native herb and spice company back in 2005, and is now one of Australia’s leading suppliers of native herbs, spices, fruits and berries to the hospitality industry and home cooks.

Zilch Store

Zilch Store offers a curated selection of products essential for a zero waste lifestyle. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, 100% plastic free. Zilch is proud to be an Australian small business supporting local businesses. 10% of profits is donated to the Seabin Project.

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