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How Millennials Bring Environmental Consciousness into Fashion

How Millennials Bring Environmental Consciousness into Fashion

Millennials are disrupting the status quo in the fashion industry and bringing forth new demands. The role of brands is declining, and fashion bloggers and “gurus” are taking a backseat. So, approaching these customers with old messages and products does not cut it. 

These young people were born and raised in times when green movements gained traction and environmental problems made headlines. In many countries, they are the largest consumer group, with a considerable spending power. However, they are not willing to spend it like there is no tomorrow. 

Dismantling the old fashion order

Millennials are quite independent and self-reliant. One study has shown that only 7% of the surveyed millennials are influenced by what the fashion bloggers and vloggers are saying. Their purchases are instead affected by the uniqueness, authenticity or “newness” of the product. 

So, you could say that millennials rather represent “markets of one” than a uniform cohort of buyers. They are certainly not prepared to serve as an army of walking advertisements. If apparel is popular, branded and easily accessible, they will frown upon it. 

The changing tide

Branded items are no longer fashion’s crown jewels, but that does not stop reputable companies from altering their language and fine-tuning marketing campaigns to resonate with millennials. After all, these people want to express their individuality and spread environmental awareness. 

Brands know that one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition and capture the attention of an environmentally-conscious generation is to infuse your brand and products with sustainability.

Empty promises do not count for much, though, as millennial customers want to see sustainable supply chains and manufacturing processes. 

Easy come, easy go 

On the other hand, they see sustainable, personalized and innovative products in the most favorable light. Not only that, they are not strangers to splurging a bit on them. Quality is always in the spotlight, but it is not the be-all and end-all of buying garments. 

As a result, millennials impact the fashion realm in many ways: with the sheer volume of their buyer group, their distinctive preferences and great spending power. You could say that they shape the brave new world in which the trends of the yesterday are cast out and novelty ones emerge. 

Pic: Toa Heftiba | Unsplash
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