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How Millennials Shape & Lead Consumption

How Millennials Shape & Lead Consumption

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. Empowered with tools such as social media, they also dictate the trends.

It is important to note, however, that eco-friendliness does not supplement other preferences. Instead, it joins the existing set of wants and needs. 

In high regard 

In general, millennials have a completely different set of priorities and lifestyle decisions than their parents. They are vegans, vegetarians, green champions, tech-savvy individuals, and they like to play it smart when it comes to spending money. 

Thus, it does not come as a surprise that environmentally friendly products and brands tend to rank high on millennials’ list of priorities.

 A growing body of research points out to the fact that sustainable business practices inspire loyalty and build trust among this audience. (And that's something the big end of town are very conscious of.) 

Moving forward 

Millennials have fostered the rise of a conscious fashion movement, and they really aspire to change the world around them, one garment at a time. More and more of them are wearing clothes from companies that endorse fair trade and ethical practices. 

Social responsibility goes hand in hand with the environmental consciousness and both are powerful determinants in terms of purchasing decisions.

It seems that if the values of transparency and sustainability are not shared between brands and millennial consumers, the foundations of trust cannot be established. 

The frontier of future 

Millennials are the largest economic force in recent memory, but they want to spend their time and money well. They are not interested in touting big brand names across their chests. They want to express a personal style and send a powerful message that nature should not be trifled with. 

The big tidal wave is yet to come, but we can already feel the ripples throughout the fashion world.  Adoption is the name of the game for those who mean to stay at the forefront of the industry. They must listen to the voice of the future in order to maintain market share and stay ahead of the curve as millennials will continue to be the voice of environmental consciousness for years to come. 

Pics: Unsplash | Angelina Lityin & Benjamin Voros
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