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How to Make a Very Good Bra

How to Make a Very Good Bra

When The Very Good Bra launched the world's first zero waste bra on Kickstarter 2nd quarter, 2018, there were plenty of nay sayers wanting to pick over every millimetre of the product to make sure that it was indeed zero waste.

And fair enough too (even as the Kickstarter page did outline the specs pretty clearly). The components of a bra are notoriously problematic as there are so many parts that are typically unsustainable.

If  you have any doubts about designer Stephanie Devine's commitment to a zero waste product, you need only listen to her talk about her bra's components, including its packaging.

Stephanie has literally scoured the world for zero waste elastic made from sustainably farmed rubber trees and organic cotton, for organic sewing thread, organic inks, completely compostable packaging, and the cleanest and most sustainably made Tencel to bring this world first to market.

The materials are of course much more expensive to buy than more mainstream products. The elastic for instance costs 100 times more than regular strap elastic.

These are the certifications of The very good bra:

The elastic rubber is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); the metal components by Oeko-Tex; the dyes by GOTS; the fabric by Lenzing; and the sewing thread and inks by Cradle to Cradle.

Having created the world’s first zero-waste bra, Stephanie then hunted high and low for lightweight, green-credentialed packaging worthy of transporting it to buyers and after a big hunt, found Better Packaging Co in New Zealand. A 100% compostable mailing bag that doesn’t weigh a ton.

If you have any questions about the product, go ahead and contact Stephanie directly. In the meantime, it is only by creating demand for these new products that we can negotiate better pricing with the manufacturers. The bigger brands aren't always prepared to take the risk, but we are with Stephanie and believe customers who really care about the environment would prefer to buy a similarly priced, great product with a sustainable back story if they can access it.

Images: The Very Good Bra
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