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How to Recycle Dairy and Milks

How to Recycle Dairy and Milks

Dairy products are surprisingly versatile & reusable.

Before you toss that old yoghurt or tip milk down the sink, think about your garden, your lawn or your vege or herb patch. They will love you for the calcium and other minerals. Just toss it out there instead of down the sink. Mix with a little water if you don't have the surface area to take solid product. (Left sitting on top of the soil, milk or yoghurt will sour, smell and attract vermin pretty quickly so make sure it has seeped into the ground.)

You can also mix some milk with tomato to make a face mask or use the water you rinse your milk carton with on the herb garden. 

As core ingredients to many many recipes, there are endless options to use up just about any dairy product. Just go google!

Dairy products can be readily disposed in your Bokashi Bin, compost or Council Benchtop Bin if you live in Adelaide.

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Science Notes
Dairy products contain calcium, protein and vitamins A and B12.

Millions of litres of milk and other dairy products are thrown out in Australia everyday. Sometimes it helps to remember that a cow, goat or sheep somewhere went to a lot of trouble to make that beautiful food which is often tossed so heedlessly. So toss it on something else you love instead of throwing it out if you can.

Related Tip
Milk will last longer in the main part of your fridge as it's not so subject to the temperature variations imposed by the constant opening and closing of the fridge door. Use your nose to tell if your milk or yoghurt is off rather than the 'use by' date.