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How To Recycle Magazines

How To Recycle Magazines

Magazines are 100% recyclable and can be placed in your household recycling bin, but the best thing to do with them is to upcycle them, give them a second and third life and amortize their cost to the planet across as many individuals as possible. The more eyeballs that read your magazine, the better production resource cost to eyeball ratio. 

Pass your magazines on to your friends, family or workplace. Alternatively, there is your local doctor’s clinic, nursing home or waiting room of any kind (like the local car dealer's service centre). 

Community groups, churches and aged care facilities may accept them as well for the groups they service, even if they can't be resold.

If you are a little creative, magazines are wonderful, repurposed into gift wrap and gift tags, used for origami or made into cards.
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Science Notes
A lot of resources go into making magazines - physical resources such as trees, ink, transport and energy. Then there are the rows of people sourcing, writing and editing stories. All for a few minutes someone's hands, before being discarded.

If you can't find someone to take your magazines, they are eminently recyclable and by recycling your magazines responsibly you can at least help minimise the amount of paper being sent to landfill. 

Related Tip
Consider purchasing an e-reader or using your ipad.  Electronic devices use no paper, store hundreds or thousands of articles, create little to no landfill and save you money in the long-term.