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How to Recycle Phone Books

How to Recycle Phone Books

Most phone books are made from recycled paper and can be placed in your household recycling bin for environmentally friendly disposal. They can also be placed in your compost bin, although you may have to pull the book apart.

Reuse phone book pages yourself as fire kindling or shred them to keep your pet rabbit or guinea pig warm. 

If you don’t use phone books, you can easily cancel their delivery - opt out by registering at and follow the prompts. (Telstra is a bit naughty here, still insisting that people opt out, rather than opt in as it is distribution that validates their circulation claims. Because of this, thousands of books are delivered every year that people simply don't want.)
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Science Notes
By recycling paper products, 51% of the impact on the environment from using virgin materials can be prevented.

Every Australian uses paper products and up to 50% of what we use contributes to tonnes of landfill. With proper paper recycling, including phone book recycling, this could be reduced dramatically. 

Related Tip
Every tonne of paper recycled saves thirteen trees, more than two barrels of oil, over 4000kW of electricity, over 30000L of water and four cubic metres of landfill.