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How to Recycle Spray, Pump and Trigger Nozzles

How to Recycle Spray, Pump and Trigger Nozzles

Spray, pump and trigger nozzles are usually found on cleaning and body care products.

While councils generally do accept spray, pump and trigger nozzles for recycling, they are hard to recycle items. Your options are to send the pump to landfill or reuse it yourself. 

The plastic bottles are usually recyclable in your council recycling bin - check the plastic identification which is generally found on the bottom of the product bottle. 

If you can't reuse the pump yourself, you can recycle through Terracycle who accept these products for specialised recycling. Recycling through Terracycle is free. 

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Science Notes

While liquid soaps are convenient, they come at a high price. The container of most pump bottles is one kind of plastic, but the pump can contain several different plastics and metal. This makes it very difficult to recycle as it needs to be dismantled.

Related Tip
Consider using a lovely bar soap or buy liquid soaps, lanolins and other products in bulk and reuse your pump bottles.  

If you buy your first product in glass bottle instead of a plastic, you will have both a nicer looking container, and a cleaner and more environmentally friendly container.