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Ikea Set to Release Air Purifying Curtains in 2020

Ikea Set to Release Air Purifying Curtains in 2020

IKEA has developed a curtain, called GUNRID, that will literally purify your home's air

The curtain works in a similar way to photosynthesis and it purifies the air by breaking down air pollution when light shines through the curtain. The surface of the curtain is treated with a photocalyst mineral that is activated by light and literally cleans home air, breaking down common indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde and odours. IKEA have innovated the photocatalyst which is usually only activated by sunshine, developing a coating that also reacts to indoor light. 

IKEA's product developer, Maruicio Affonso, points out that many people aren't even aware of how polluted their homes are and this new product will both increase awareness and solve a problem at the same time. It's also affordable, attractive and is relevant. And a great alternative if you can't have indoor plants.

GUNRID has been in development for a number of years in collaboration with universities, suppliers & innovators in Europe and Asia and is expected to be in IKEA stores next year.

IKEA are active and committed sustainable product developers and even published open source plans for a Grow Room several years ago, for your own urban farm.

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