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Natural Hemp Shampoo Bar for Doggo!

Natural Hemp Shampoo Bar for Doggo!

There’s nothing quite as relaxing and invigorating as a warm bubble bath

Honestly! Hemp shampoo for dogs and other pets can turn the dreaded bath time into a soothing sensation, even if they don't all show the outward appreciation signs! Hemp is great for their skin and coat – and you’ll love their fresh, clean smell when it’s time for cuddles!

I am Maxine from Hemp Collective and if you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that using hemp products on our pets doesn’t make us fur-crazy. That’s because hemp products are highly nutritious with very low levels of THC (the mischievous part of the cannabis plant) so it’s certainly not enough to get you or your furry friends high. Hemp shampoo is great for dogs, horses, guinea pigs and most animals that have fur.

What's so good about hemp?

So, let’s dive into the bathtub and look at the benefits of pampering your pet in hemp. Hemp can soothe itchy and sensitive skin. Our furry friends enjoy a good scratch from time to time – but if it’s happening all too often, it could be a sign of irritation, inflammation or allergies. Hemp is naturally anti-inflammatory and can soothe irritation and add moisture back into their hair and skin.

Hemp can strengthen their coat. Hemp seed oil in a pet shampoo works for our furry friend’s coat by restoring the natural moisture balance. Hemp is rich in vitamins and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – so it’s like a superfood for your pet’s coat. And their skin will slurp up the benefits like a hungry pooch at dinnertime, too.

Whichever pet shampoo bar you choose, go natural & naked

While hemp shampoo is made from natural ingredients, unfortunately, there are plenty of harmful pet shampoos on the market that are full of chemicals and other nasties. These can irritate their skin, or worse, cause serious health problems. 

At Hemp Collective, we choose to sell our pet shampoo in a bar instead of liquid because it lasts way longer, so it's cheaper and it's better for the planet. Not only that – a shampoo bar lathers and foams nicely, so your furry friend can still get that fresh salon feeling.

The world now produces more than 380 million tonnes of plastic every year. And if that really gets your goat, then why not be apart of the change? By going naked and making the switch to a zero-waste natural shampoo bar, you will save bottles upon bottles of liquid shampoo from winding up in the landfill.

Our shampoo bar is also biodegradable, so you won’t be putting any nasties down the drain and into the ocean. The Hemp Collective Pet Shampoo Bar is free from sulfates, parabens, palm oils and nasty chemicals –and instead, it’s a nourishing blend of Australian hemp seed oil, coconut oil and essential oils.

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