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Planet Saving Recycle Bin No No's

Planet Saving Recycle Bin No No's

Feel like you need a chemistry degree to decipher the recycle bin rules?

Even for the staunchest world saving do gooder, working out what goes in your council recycle can be really confusing. Packaging and products change all the time and every council seems to have its own set of rules.

There are some basics however that will help you make the right basic decisions. The following items are NOT accepted by any council in your recycle bin. Most of these products are recyclable through commercial providers, hazardous waste schemes or in your compost. Check the How to Recycle Guide if you want to know more.

  Batteries   Pyrex Nappies 
  Ceramics Glass lids


  Cling Wrap

Green waste

Plastic bags 

  Clothing or textiles

Hazardous chemical containers          

Plastic wrapping

  Drinking glasses

Liquids of any kind


  Dry Cleaning Bags           


Shredded paper

  Food scraps

Motor oil containers

Waxed cartons

Two other big NO things to remember:

  • No broken glass, even if it is recyclable. (Your recycle bin contents are manually separated by real people and sent off into specialist recycler streams - plastics, papers and cardboard or metals.)
  • Never put your recycle bin contents in plastic bags. Leave them loose.
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