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Sustainable Salons gives Christmas Gift budget to 6 charities

Sustainable Salons gives Christmas Gift budget to 6 charities

This festive season, Sustainable Salons is delivering their annual gift budget on behalf of their members to where it's needed most - to 6 local charities in Australia & NZ

Sustainable Salons is a member based social enterprise that specialises in collecting up to 95% of a salon’s waste and redirects it for reuse, recycling and repurposing solutions.

This year, the organisation asked its 1,100 salon members across Australia and New Zealand to vote for the charity they'd like to support instead of receiving annuals gifts. The charities that were voted for: in Australia to Australian Koala Foundation, Good Shepherd Microfinance and Neura. In New Zealand to Mental Health Foundation of NZ, Sustainable Coastlines and Good Shepherd NZ. 

In just five years, Sustainable Salons network has kept more than 586,000 kg of valuable materials in circulation and out of landfill. And that’s not even the best part! 100% of recycling proceeds are donated year-round to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest to help feed those in need, and the organisation has collected more than 90,000 ponytails to make wigs for people suffering from cancer or alopecia.

So when you choose to visit a salon for your next hair, beauty, barbering or pet-grooming appointment,choose one that is part of the Sustainable Salons group and know that everything you see in the salon is being recycled, including the hair on the floor.

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