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Why Going Eco is Like Getting Fit. Only Tougher.

Why Going Eco is Like Getting Fit. Only Tougher.

Simply yelling louder at someone to get off the couch won't make them do it.

Going eco is like getting fit. Some of us are Olympic standard fitness fanatics and a whole bunch more of us want to get off the couch, because we can plainly see the benefits of being fit and healthy (read: stop using processed, plastic, chemical laden and be more responsible). Others simply don't care and never will.

This tip is for the middle group. Going eco, like getting fit, is the kind of thing you do one step at a time.

Remember that time you decided you were going to get fit and drop 10 kg? You decided on Sunday, went out and spent $300 on new full kit lycra (2 sizes small); squished into it at 6am on Monday in the winter cold and did a 6k run. Came home exhausted, drank a green smoothie for breakfast made of some ghastly spinach, ginger & turmeric and took 2 bean sprouts to work for lunch. Came home from work starving, with a headache and sore muscles. Woke up Tuesday at 6am and hit the snooze button. Passed the spinach, ginger & turmeric as you reached for the coco pops. And vowed to start tomorrow.

The trick to getting fit is one small manageable step at a time and going eco is no different. Start with simple things you can change out easily and which aren't going to require a lot of your time. Go for the things that really bug you or you know in your heart are bad for you and your family. 

For many people, this means starting with cleaning products like these or there are plenty available at the supermarket or your local health food store. First replace your Sink and Dishwasher Detergent with an earth friendly version. Don't go straight to making your own and replacing everything under the sink with vinegar and bi carb. Do this as you gain confidence and knowledge. 

Another simple and rewarding change out is your soap. It's easy to change and you will be rewarded every time you walk into your bathroom by the divine, pure smell. There are hundreds of excellent soapmakers around like Florence + Myrtle, Botani  or Wicked Scrub

The other big one that is easy to start, but takes a bit of training, is to buy reusable bags and give up plastic bags. 

One big word of warning. If you are anything like me, you will have among your friends those who question the sanity and even the cleanliness of things like using bicarb as a cleaning product. This is of course quite different to the support you would get if you were trying to get fit. Because of this, it's important to work firstly with the things that matter most to you. is here to sweet talk you into getting off the couch, taking those first steps and making them stick. And then next 999 - and to make it as easy as possible. We hope you like what we are doing and it helps you on your way. 

(Quote from 老子)  Image: Unsplash |  Bruno Asimento

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Science Notes
The science of going eco is the same as getting fit. It is a slow process if you want it to stick. Ironically, going eco is tougher than getting fit because of the consumer advertising you are bombarded with all day long. 

Thinking of how marketing works: Imagine you go for that 6am jog in your tight lycra and every 10 metres or so, someone is offering you a muffin, a couch to sit on, a digital game, a coffee. 

We live in a consumer marketed world and much of what we are being sold is about more. Consume more. Get more. Cheap. Fast. 

It's just like feeding an addict their addiction and expecting them to still give up somehow.
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