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11 Ways to Save Money & Waste Less Food

11 Ways to Save Money & Waste Less Food

You can do your bit for your wallet, your health and the environment with these 11 easy ways to save money & waste less food

  1. Only keep in your pantry what you use so you know what is there and you avoid over-buying when shopping for groceries
  2. Plan meals ahead and make a shopping list - use the notepad on your phone
  3. Buy fresh foods every couple of days to avoid waste
  4. Shop local to avoid impulse purchases that result from clever marketing in large stores
  5. Store leftovers in quality glass containers to preserve them longer
  6. Keep leafy greens fresh in containers in crisper drawer in fridge
  7. Make fruit salads or smoothies with bruised and older fruits and vegetables
  8. Use leftover, cooked vegetables in omelettes, spring rolls or frittatas
  9. Make meals in bulk and freezer potion sizes for later
  10. Eliminate food waste by composting any unused fruits or vegetables 
  11. Don't be ok about your household leaving food on their plate. It's not ok.

Natural resources are depleted by food waste because water and energy are used needlessly at every level - production, preparation and destruction. Wasted food thrown in the landfill breaks down and releases methane gas which is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.

Nearly 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted or lost worldwide annually. When 800 million people go hungry every day, it’s shameful that one third of food that the rest of us eat goes to waste. And it is so easy to do something about it.

For meal ideas from leftovers see: 5 recipe tips for common leftovers.

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