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5 Minutes With Ethically Kate

5 Minutes With Ethically Kate

Hi there! I am Ethically Kate, an eco and ethical living inspirer and writer. 

My mission is to help steer you in the right direction, to live with constant respect and care for our planet and it's people. On my blog, Ethically Kate, I offer discount codes to support your ethical shopping habits, and constantly grow and curate a directory of eco brands I love and recommend.

A lot of people ask me about how I got to ethically blogging and the truth is that I grew up in an environment-conscious home, but didn't realise this until just recently! I grew up thinking composting was just what everyone does, and my parents stopped using bin-liners before I did. They're pretty cool! 

A big part of my journey was living in Mongolia for two years as a 10 year old. This opened my eyes to an alternative way of living, and made me aware that we have a global community we need to protect and respect too. I watched "The True Cost" documentary in August 2015, and it was pretty much history from then on.

There are challenges to being committed to ethical living and I want to share them because while they might sound hard, they really aren't as it's all in how you manage yourself and  your relationships. I'm not invited on shopping trips, I have far too many awkward moments with family members and friends, and people feel like they always have to say 'sorry' when they put something in my rubbish bin. I guess I've alienated myself from current society, and that's the current price to pay for leading the way?

I overcome this by adding humour, letting my friends know I never judge them, and that they shouldn't be sorry- we live in a plastic coated world.

One thing people say that I totally disagree with is that they would love to shop ethically or sustainably, but they just don't have the money! Lies I say! Well, most of the time anyway.  (Actually not lies, just ignorance.) If you truly embody ethical or sustainable fashion, you will have more money in your pocket, I can tell you that with confidence now.

Start by... buying nothing at all. Limit your purchases to perhaps only once every two months, and then expand this time as the years go by. Think about an item for at least a month until you buy it, and when you do, make sure you know who made it and with what materials. Doing this will mean you have a wardrobe you absolutely LOVE. No impulse buys or 'ugh, I wish I never bought that'.

My favourite ethical brands are KowTow, TAMGA Designs, ReCreate Clothing, and Standard Issue

It's SO encouraging to see so many step into this space! Although it does feel harder to pick out the bloggers you can trust from those just there to make money and get free stuff, it's definitely a positive. I am asked how I began doing what I do everyday, and now point people in the direction of my latest blog outlining the raw truth of being an honest influencer.

I'm really excited that The Rubbish Whisperer have launched their Water Balloon Amnesty! Send unused water balloons to them (to be used in an empowering wearable arts exhibition), and grab 50% off reusable water balloons (which I LOVE by the way). I'm also excited for my work with Biddy & May, who are newer to the eco beauty space, but have really impressed me with their range and all the thought that has gone into their huge collection. Also stay tuned for an eBook from myself and Ethical Made Easy. 

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