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Active Farmers

Active Farmers

This is a real pic of a real farmer going about his new daily routine. Honestly. 

And it's all because of Ginny Stevens. She's the rural wellness coach on a mission to help get the bush in shape. Her driving commitment is physically & mentally healthy farmers who are socially connected. She believes this not only makes a happier, healthier farmer, but also results in a more sustainable agricultural industry and food supply chain.

Ginny grew up on a farm in Tasmania, leaving it at 18 to enter the agricultural industry and 10 years later ended up combining her two great loves - health and agriculture. 

Ginny is the owner of the fast expanding Active Farmers team, on a mission to give every farmer in every small town in Australia the option of attending at least a few fitness sessions each and every week. 

Now in 3 states and rapidly expanding, they hope to reach as many small rural communities as possible nationally. 

Active Farmers brings together farmers and community members through group fitness to help improve physical health, social interaction and mental health. To compliment the group fitness, the network also has a nutritionist, financial consultant and mindfulness specialist who run workshops in our small rural communities. Most of the team are also available for one on one consultations if someone wants it.

Active Farmers is also networked with a service called Dokotela, an online platform enabling access to mental health specialists via video conference.

Ginny explains, "We believe that by building stronger and more resilient communities we are adding to the sustainability of the Australian agricultural industry. 

Every week I am driven and inspired by my enthusiastic locally-based trainers who help more than 300 Active Farmers get together to work on improving their health across 17 communities. The local double bonus in these often very small farming communities is increased physical activity and social interaction, two key factors in enhancing mental health and well being".

Images: Active Farmers
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