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DIY Moisturising Face Mask for Dry Skin

DIY Moisturising Face Mask for Dry Skin

Tired of dry, flaky skin? This DIY face mask can help you to soothe and relieve your skin. 

100 ml of honey

100 ml of yoghurt

100 ml of lemon juice or squeezed lemon

A few drops of Vitamin E essence

1. Combine all ingredients into a bowl

2. Mix until smooth

3. Apply to face (avoiding the eye area)

4. Leave on for 15 minutes

5. Rinse with warm water and then moisturise as usual. 

There are literally hundreds of different masks for all skin types - check out some of our collection here. 

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For Dry Skin:

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For Problem Skin:

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Science Notes

The combination of honey, yoghurt, lemon and vitamin E works to rehydrate skin as well as target any imperfections. Honey is a known humectant (i.e. it draws and preserves moisture) and acts as an anti-irritant. The lactic acid in yoghurt helps to bind water and act as a natural skin preservative, while lemons are particularly astringent and help to rehydrate the skin. Vitamin E restores the skin.

Related Tip

Try a steam treatment before applying the face mask. The steam treatment will open pores, release dirt and trapped toxins from the skin. For more information refer to our Steam Treatment tip.