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Doing Good for the Love of Publicity

Doing Good for the Love of Publicity

For publicity or a living, good is good

Uber would have to be the king of good deed publicity stunts. Cats, clothing collections, food. From kitten and puppy visits for the RSPCA through Red Cross clothing drives and food deliver, Uber is truly the king of tugging at relevant heart strings to sell themselves.

And then there is the rise of the corporate marriage to charity. Myer and the Salvos launched Fashion Rescue in most Australian states. All you have to do is take your donated clothes to any Salvation Army and you will receive $10 Myer Voucher to spend on selected Myer brands. There is a list of the selected brands on the Salvo's Website.  

The greatest thing about the rise of a more sustainably conscious economy are the amazing businesses it is producing. 

Little Flamingo creates invitations that can be planted in your backyard and you can watch it grow into beautiful Australian natives and a sweet eco-friendly memento. These amazing eco-friendly invitations at Little Flamingo are printed on our handmade, 100% Recycled and plantable paper that has been embedded with Australian native seeds.

Second Loves is a must-visit online shop for beautiful vintage finds, stunning second hand clothing and accessories. Second Loves create handmade jewelry made mostly from recycled materials such as leather off-cuts, second hand gems and other found items.

Tesla finally launched their power-wall in Australia amongst all kinds of debate about battery storage. One thing is for certain and that is that the power in the power industry has shifted closer to households and just that little further from the hands on monopolistic power controllers! There are many Tesla power-wall distributors in Australia like Evergen.

Photo: Eric Ward | Unsplash

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