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Ecoflix - eco streaming service

Ecoflix - eco streaming service

If one of your new years resolutions was to better understand  Climate Action and it's impacts to life on land and below water, you are going to love this

It's a bit crazy that it's taken this long, but we finally have a streaming service for Eco Flix. Launched on 9 November 2021, it is still very new, but already has plenty of mesmerising content.

Ecoflix aims to raise awareness of the efforts being done to meet three of the United Nations’ Sustainable development Goals - Climate Action, Life Below Water and Life On Land through a series of programmes. 

Created to unite people who care about animals and the planet, the content has been developed and produced by a multi-BAFTA and Emmy award winning team, headed up by Fresh Start Media Creative Director, Marshall Corwin.

Membership personally supports chosen NGOs

Viewers can watch a range of original documentaries and feature programming free with a monthly subscription. When you subscribe, members choose an NGO they want their subscription to support. Via the Ecoflix Foundation, one month of membership is donated.  Ecoflix also raises awareness about the work their partner NGOs are doing.

Activism in action 

If you are interested in activism, you can now get directly involved as a screen warrior, as different subjects are screened or supported. Free Billy is the first documentary made by the group and is a key part of the activism to secure the release of Billy the elephant from a zoo in Los Angeles.

(Billy the elephant has been all alone at the Los Angeles Zoo for over 30 years.) You can watch how they goes as it unfolds and learn about Billy's plight in the original documentary, Free Billy only on Ecoflix.


There is an area for kids and includes the weekly news review programme the Pulse hosted by Eco Advocate and Co-Founder of Kids Against Plastic, Ella Meek.


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