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EWG's Quick Tips for Choosing Personal Care Products

EWG's Quick Tips for Choosing Personal Care Products

 Images: The Salt Store | EWG
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Science Notes
The EWG (Environmental Working Group) are a USA based company who evaluate and maintain databases of nearly 75,000 skin care and personal products across 2,145 brands. (1,219 have been verified by EWG). 

While some of the products are not available in Australia, many are and most contain similar ingredients to those sold in Australia. Certainly enough to give you a guide. 
Related Tip
There are literally thousands of excellent natural cosmetic and body care products available that don't contain toxic chemicals, like those from The Salt Store. Mostly this is because they are made by small batch manufacturers and sold online so shelf life isn't a consideration. 

One of the biggest costs in high profile commercial products is also marketing - something that is clearly not an option for a small batch producer and something you aren't paying for.